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Hiring an In-Home Nurse for an Elderly Parent

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Roles usually change between parents and their children as the parents age. For instance, rather than the children needing their parents to take care of them, they grow up and have to take care of their parents. It is only natural for senior citizens to face health problems during their final years. If you have been visiting your elderly parent to assist with various tasks, but you cannot do so as often as you would like, in-home nursing services might be a good solution. You can determine if hiring a home care nurse for your parent is ideal by asking yourself the questions below.

Do You Work a Full-Time Job?

If you have a full-time job, it might seem as though you are working two jobs due to having to take care of your parent when you are off. Having such a daily routine can leave you tired at the end of the night, especially if you also have children to take care of. Even if you don't mind taking care of your parent, it can be helpful to have a nurse around to assist. He or she can ensure that your parent is fed, takes a bath, and makes it to medical appointments if you are usually working during the day. You will be able to stop wondering if your parent is receiving a sufficient amount of care while you are at work or home.

Does Your Parent Have Memory Loss?

Memory loss is one of the common health problems that develops with growing old. However, the condition of your parent's memory can be worse than that of others, such as if it is caused by Alzheimer's disease. The worst thing about severe memory loss is that your parent can forget to take medication, or even wander away from home and get lost. Nursing homes are great for senior citizens who have severe memory loss, but your parent will still be safe at home if you hire a nurse. The nurse can stay around for as many hours per days as needed, and can also assist with trying to improve your parent's memory if it is possible.

How Much Personal Time Do You Get?

If you never take family vacations with your spouse and children due to not wanting to leave your parent for a long time, hiring a nurse is a good idea. You will be able to get all of the personal time that you need, as the nurse will be around for your parent. You can call the nurse and your parent to check in while you are away.