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Providing Care For Your Elderly Parent? Signs You Need To Arrange For Respite Care

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If you're providing care for an ailing loved one, it's time to think about your care. Being responsible for someone's care can take a lot out of you. That's especially true when all the responsibility falls on your shoulders. You might think you're alone in your efforts, but that's not the case. If your mental and physical health is being affected by your role as a caregiver, it's time for respite care. Respite care provides temporary care for your loved one when you need a break. If you're not sure you need respite care, read the list below. If you're facing any of the issues described here, respite care can give you the relief you need.  

Your Relationship Is in Conflict

If you're providing in-home care for an aging parent, you need to watch for conflict. When roles change, conflicts can arise. That's especially true when the parent becomes the person who needs care. If you and your parent are dealing with conflict, it's time to arrange for respite care. Respite care gives you the break you need. That way, you can focus on the parent/child relationship. 

You're Feeling Overwhelmed

Caring for an elderly parent can get overwhelming, especially when you don't get a break. Providing round-the-clock care can drain you emotionally and physically. When that happens, you can't focus on anything else. Plus, you're at an increased risk of depression or physical illnesses. If you're feeling overwhelmed, give yourself the time you need to recharge and arrange for respite care. 

You've Made Some Mistakes

If you're providing in-home care for an aging parent, you can't afford to make mistakes. Fatigue and stress increase the risk of caregiver mistakes. Unfortunately, mistakes can have devastating consequences. That's why you need to take a break from time to time. If you've made some mistakes while caring for your elderly parent, it's time to step away for a few days. That's where respite care becomes beneficial. Respite care lets you arrange for help as soon as you make a mistake. 

Your Family Life Is Suffering

If you spend all your time caring for an aging parent, your family life can suffer. That's especially true where partners and children are concerned. It's not easy to find support services when you're the primary caregiver for an elderly parent. If your family is suffering, arrange for respite care. That way, your parent gets the care they need while your family gets to spend some quality time together. 

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