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Respite Care Is Very Helpful

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Being the primary caregiver to a family member with special needs can be difficult for you. It takes all your energy and can leave you feeling empty and exhausted. All of your bandwidth is going to take care of someone else, and none of it is going to take care of yourself. If you are working with a home health care agency or considering one, you have options that can help you with many things, including respite care. 

Respite Care

Respite care is a short-term care situation provided by a professional caregiver. Short-term can mean a few hours, days, or even weeks, depending on your needs, insurance, and the home healthcare agency you are working with. It can be provided at your house, a center, or the caregiver's home. The goal of respite care is to give you a break while ensuring that your loved one is getting appropriate care. What are some of the benefits of respite care?


When you are down in the trenches, getting any perspective on the situation can be hard. You have no space away from your loved one and the situation. It's easy only to see the bad. Having a break can give you the space to clear your mind and regain a bit of perspective on the situation. If you have some big decisions to make, getting that perspective can help you calmly and objectively evaluate your options to see which solution will be in your loved one's and your best interests. 

Refill Your Pitcher

No one is a bottomless well that can keep flowing at the same amount all the time. At some point, your pitcher will run dry, and you won't have the mental or emotional water to give anyone else. One way to refill that pitcher is to make sure you spend some time doing something you like that is just for you. It isn't selfish to do this; it is self-care. And it is essential. A respite care worker taking care of your loved one for a little while will let you go to the gym, experience some retail therapy, or sit in the park for a few hours. 

Being the primary caregiver to a family member with special needs can be something you are proud of because it shows how important that person is to you. It can also be exhausting. Respite care can help. 

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