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This Is Why The Senior In Your Life Isn't Moving Like They Used To

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Seeing someone age can be difficult, especially when their increasing age leads to problems with their health or mobility. If you've noticed that the senior in your life is struggling with walking, stretching, or standing up straight, you may be wondering what's gone wrong and what you can do to help. Here's a look at the answers you're looking for.


One common problem many elders go through is osteoarthritis. Unlike osteoporosis, which is the breaking down of bone cells faster than they're replaced, osteoarthritis refers to a problem of the bones and joints.

When people are young, they have cushioning in their joints. However, as this cushioning breaks down, the bones can start to rub together, causing stiffness and pain.

Loss of Muscle Strength

Another common problem for elders is a loss of muscle strength. It's harder to stay strong when you get older, so unless they're actively working out, they may be having their muscles weaken.

Keep in mind that this impacts more than their ability to pick up heavy things. Walking, catching themselves during a fall, or even standing up straight can be difficult if their muscles aren't strong. This is particularly problematic, as falling can be extremely dangerous for elders, especially if they have osteoporosis as well.

Slower Reaction Time

Elders also tend to have a slower reaction time to things than younger people do. This may lead to your senior taking more time before they take a step, or hesitating mid-step. This is especially common if they've already experienced a fall. Unfortunately, like with a loss of muscle strength, this can increase the likelihood of your loved one falling and not being able to catch themselves in time.

What to Do

If your loved one is having this problem, the best thing you can do is to get them the help they need. While these conditions can be improved with things like regular exercise, it's important to have someone around the home who can help them. For this reason, you should hire a senior home care expert.

These caregivers will come to your home and either visit for a few hours a day or even stay there overnight if needed. They'll ensure that your loved one is safe, and if there's anything they're not capable of doing or need help with, they'll have the assistance they need. Hiring someone protects your senior and keeps you from being overworked, so don't hesitate to get help.