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Home Care Assumptions To Avoid Making

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Home care services can be an important solution for individuals that will need regular help but want to avoid institutionalization. While home care services have become more common, there are still some basic assumptions that people may make about these services.

Assumption: Home Care Is Only For The Elderly

It is often the case that elderly individuals will require more help in order to live in their homes while maintaining a high quality of life. This is especially true for individuals that have mobility issues or other problems that may make routine tasks, such as cleaning and cooking, extremely difficult or even dangerous for them to do. However, these are not the only individuals that can benefit from these services. For example, there are patients that may need assistance during the recovery following a major injury or surgical procedure.

Assumption: The Hours Offered By Home Health Care Services Are Very Limited

Some may assume that a home care service will have a limited range of hours where they can provide services to their clients. In reality, these services can offer essentially around-the-clock care. This can be important for those that need constant supervision or help. This level of care can also be useful for those that are at a high risk of experiencing a medical emergency or major complication that could require an ambulance to be called as the patient may not be capable of making it to a phone to call for help. While this level of care is available, these services offer more limited visits for those that do not require 24-hour care. Prior to arranging to use a home care service, you should consult with your doctor to determine the amount of help that you may require. If you discover that you need more or less help than you had originally estimated, it is possible to adjust the frequency and longevity of the home care visits that you get.

Assumption: A Home Health Care Service Can Take The Place Of A Patient's Regular Doctor

While a home care service can provide patients with valuable assistance with a variety of self-care and medical needs, there are limits to the amount of care that they can provide. Rather than replacing a patient's normal doctor, these services are designed to help supplement the care that a patient is receiving. Not surprisingly, they will often work closely with their clients' doctors in order to ensure that their medical and self-care needs are being met.

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