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How A Personal Care Service Meets The Needs Of Your Disabled Elder

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Taking care of someone who is disabled can be a very large undertaking. You might not be aware of the ways in which someone may not be able to take care of themselves. If you feel in over your head, you might want to turn to personal care services for help.

Services Your Loved One Might Need

Your loved one might need assistance with eating, engaging in dental care, grooming, bathing, and other daily activities. Your loved one might have basic skincare and nail care needs. If your loved one has been prescribed physical therapy, the personal care services may need to help with performing daily exercises.

Your loved one might need help with positioning themselves and with getting into and out of a wheelchair. They might also need someone to push them if the wheelchair is not motorized. Even with motorized wheelchairs, some individuals have a difficult time operating them and may not be able to remain focused.

What Disabled Elders Need

A disabled elder is likely under a lot of stress and will need a calming atmosphere. In many cases, elders are embarrassed that they cannot care for themselves and will need to be treated with compassion. However, it can be easier when your loved one has an established routine.

When your loved one doesn't have any surprises and learns about everything that is in store for them for the day, these activities are much less stressful. You'll also want your loved one to have a say in the day-to-day activities that they will be partaking in so they can still have a sense of independence.

Emotional Needs

The goal of personal care services is not only to fulfill the physical needs of those they take care of but also to consider the emotional needs. Home caregivers want to boost the self-esteem of those they care for and are also concerned with respect and dignity. 

Personal care services also respect the cultural differences of those they care for and will make sure that each individual has their own tailored plan. 

If your loved one is having a difficult time with their bowel movements and urination, a personal care service can help with this. For example, you might need assistance with urinals, bedpans, colostomy care, urinary collecting devices, and catheter bags. Your loved one might need bladder and incontinence care. 

Contact a local personal care service to learn more.