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Is Your Loved One Exhibiting Dementia-Related Anger? 4 Ways Elderly Home Care Can Improve Your Relationship

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Your loved one's dementia diagnosis brings many changes to your family's life. Although you might have known that dementia can cause personality and behavior changes, you might not have been prepared to find your loved one suddenly lashing out at you in anger. Sadly, anger can arise for many different reasons in people with dementia, but you don't have to deal with your loved one's harsh words or aggressive behavior alone. You can work with a professional who provides in-home elderly care to enjoy these benefits that improve your family relationship.

Learn New Ways To Keep Your Loved One Calm

If you've reached the point that you feel like you've tried everything, then it is time to call for a fresh perspective. Elderly home care professionals are experienced in figuring out what is driving the anger of a senior with dementia. Your loved one's new caregiver might be able to give you tips, such as to give them a fidget blanket when they start to show signs of anxiety. Caregivers are full of tricks for making seniors comfortable that may help you reduce your loved one's episodes of anger.

Eliminate Issues That Occur With Role Conflicts

Some seniors simply do not want to have their family members helping them with things. Your loved one may act out in anger when they are actually embarrassed about you assisting them with personal hygiene needs. Alternatively, they may feel like you are treating them like a child when they are your elder. Bringing in a caregiver neutralizes role conflicts so that you can enjoy more quality time with your loved one.

Take A Time Out-To Renew Your Positive Attitude

As a family caregiver, you must remember that you are only human. It is natural to get frustrated or even mad right back when your loved one exhibits anger towards you. Elderly home care is an option that gives you a break. You might need to go for a jog or spend some time venting to your spouse. If the anger is extreme and frequent, then you might also need to use your break time to talk to a counselor. Renewing your positive outlook helps you to put on a relaxed demeanor that can help to soothe your loved one's anger.

Develop A Stronger Rapport Through Fun Activities

Arranging for elderly care in your loved one's home means that you can stop handling all of the mundane tasks such as helping them get dressed or use the toilet. This allows you more time to focus on developing a stronger relationship with your loved one. Playing games and doing other special activities together may make your loved one less likely to lash out at you in frustration.